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Hardwood flooring is an investment meant to provide you with years of service, but sometimes circumstances arise, such as product failure, installation errors, and poor site conditions, turning your floor into an unsightly mess. Luke Hiller Inc. can offer independent inspections for all of your hardwood flooring complaints; cupping, buckling, gapping, splitting, board damage, finish problems, adhesive failure and manufactures defects.

Our wood-flooring inspector is NWFA certified and is schooled in determining the cause of a complaint and the party responsible. Inspectors are often retained to settle complaints in hopes of avoiding legal action. Certified Wood Flooring Inspectors are available to investigate the cause of a complaint and render a non-biased report based on observations and standard field tests obtained during the inspection. Inspectors are equipped to test for conditions such as moisture. Moisture causes the greatest damage to wood flooring, and is typically the root cause of complaints.

All concrete slabs, regardless of age, elevation or location emit some degree of moisture in the form of vapor. Trapped moisture under hard surface floors or coatings can react with concrete chemistry to create bond problems. Failures can occur within days, to a few years following installation. Failed floors or coatings will not only result in an expensive material loss, but in most cases the user of the floor will have to totally move out in order to fix the problem. Moisture vapor and alkalinity failures of floor coverings and coatings occur all over America each year, resulting in billions of dollars in damages.

The primary cause is that well meaning owners, architects, general contractors and floor covering companies were simply unaware of this environmental incompatibility that sometimes occurs between two construction products or were rendered helpless to do anything about it because of construction schedules or costs. The majority of floor system failures would have been avoided if the slab condition were diagnosed properly prior to installation, when measures could have been taken to avoid the problem.

Whether you are currently experiencing problems in an existing hardwood floor or you are planning on building new, let Luke Hiller Inspection Services be the

“Foundation for your Quality Finish.”



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